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hey, peach!

i’m josi denise.

my heart beats for vintage fonts, bright lipstick, peanut butter anything, and the oxford comma. I currently live in my southern indiana hometown, where i’m raising four small rockstars with the love of my life.

my little namesake blog was previously featured on forbes, good morning america, the new york post, business insider, and probably your mom’s facebook page, despite my best efforts to burn it all to the ground and run away to the west coast and quit writing forever.

so, here we are, with a fresh start and a shiny new name, and i guess this is the part where i give myself some inflated title and tell you all about my overly relatable struggles so I can convert you into my latest pyramid cult, I mean, opportunity.

for just one firstborn child or three easy payments of your soul broken up over time, you too can have the lifestyle of your dreams, where you don’t ever spend entire days glued to a laptop, and all your debt disappears with my super Secret magic hashtag™ and then all you have to do is buy a fancy camera and get a #bosslife sticker for your SUV and that’s it - you’re an internet celebrity!

am i doing this right?



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