Josi Parker

unapologetic creative

Josi Parker
unapologetic creative

…annnnd we’re live!


welcome, peach!

i can’t believe it’s finally official!

a quick tour

shop - we’ve released a full collection of one-click lightroom presets and photoshop actions! + so much more to come soon! (and today, using the code below, you’re getting 60% off!)

scene - my fav new blog section! all things marketing, social media, and the business of art! i don’t want to hype it up too much but i can promise you — you do not want to miss this series.

journal - of course i’m gonna write the raw stuff, what did you expect!? i have been bottling up all these words for three years okay, do you have any idea what it’s like to live with a writer who isn’t writing? my poor lover and children.

ok that’s all for now. this chick needs a nap and some motherfuckin’ bubbly 🥂

make sure to get on the list down below for post updates and exclusive deals.. this one.

download the aesthetic collection now & take $20 off!

♥ woot launch party ♥


thank you to everyone who helped me get this off the ground and supported me through so many different phases and chaotic messes. and also, a big fat slobbery kiss to my favorite person in the world, john, for listening to my tortured artist rants and always giving me a comforting place to rest my worried head. i’m nothing without the love and encouragement from all you crazy, creative souls. 😘

ok, but serious.. that’s it for now! enjoy your sunday (..with better looking photos ha)

more soon,

josi denise