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chickpeach presets ๐Ÿ“ท aesthetic collection

chickpeach presets ๐Ÿ“ท aesthetic collection

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  • my very own favorite presets that i use literally every single day

  • perfect for bloggers, lifestyle influencers, portraits, selfies, scenic travel, and brands that want an eye-catching, cohesive look

  • designed for both lightroom desktop and the free version of lightroom mobile

  • up your instagram aesthetic without that fake, overfiltered look that died circa 2012 but for some reason lives on

  • productivity gamechanger โ€” speeds up your photo editing workflow + takes your pics from meh to vibrant jawdroppers

  • bonus: photoshop action files to make photos matte, add vintage looking dust + scratches + light leaks, and resize for instagram in just one click


free bonus ๐Ÿ“ธ 7 one-click photoshop actions!

dust, scratches, matte, light leaks, & instagram resizing



  • the chickpeach lightroom presets collection comes with two file versions, making it fully compatible for lightroom cc, classic, and mobile. so even if you donโ€™t use photoshop or lightroom for desktop, you can still access the same presets on the free lightroom cc mobile app

  • includes 8 one-click lightroom presets:

    • glow up: my absolute favorite, i use it on most of my selfies. it pops colors, brightens whites, and adds just a hint of a rosy glow

    • nom nom: drool worthy food photos, just the right blend of natural vibrancy and moodiness

    • sunshine: blues are toned to a dreamy aquamarine, boring beige becomes warm golden perfection, and muted pinks give it a vintage vacay vibe

    • adventure: adds depth to blues and greens, brightens whites without washing out the shadow details, turns every travel snapshot into a scenic postcard

    • baby fever: perfect for newborn photography, softening those candid captures, brightening skin tones, and highlighting all the colorful messes that tiny humans tend to make

    • darling: retro film grain with a millennial pink wash, makes your whole instagram feed look warm, sunny, and effortlessly boho chic

    • in a mood: with dark jewel tone greens and purples, velvety blacks, and beautiful grungy shadows, this witchy look complements both earthy nature shots and urban scenes

    • city lights: neon effect adds a vibrant glow to lights captured in a dark setting, keeps colors vivid and lifelike, and makes any party look lit af

  • includes 7 one-click photoshop actions:

    • matte: flattens dark colors for that retro feel

    • film dust: adds a layer of white dust specks like an old scanned photo

    • film scratches: more intense vintage effect than film dust

    • pink light leak: soft millennial pink light placed in the corners

    • coral light leak: bright pop of color with a 90โ€™s film roll vibe

    • xerox leak: adds lines and smudges like an old school copy machine

    • instagram resize: brings the width down to 2048px, optimum resolution according to the gram (most phone/camera pics are much larger than this, but if your photo is smaller, this one will distort it so skip it)

  • entire lightroom collection is fully compatible and optimized for mac, pc, and mobile, and they work equally well on raw or jpeg โ€” wherever and however you work, it makes editing sooo much faster

  • full tutorial to walk you through exactly how and where to put the files, even if you are not very familiar with lightroom or photoshop. plus iโ€™m easy to contact via email or instagram dm!

  • license good for one photographer/studio only. due to the downloadable nature of this digital product, there are no refunds and all sales are final โ€” thank you so much for understanding.

download the complete collection now + free bonus!



these are all my real, untouched photos straight from the camera. steal my entire photo editing workflow in this free pdf guide.
xo, josi